maritime and coastal freight transport

The Company is carrying on business on an open international maritime dry cargo market in accordance with principles and standards of international maritime market.

MARED announcements


Management Meeting 4

17 Nov 2016

Management Meeting 4 is the last meeting of the project Consortium planned to be organized within this project year. Working Agenda consists of the implemented project activities in the last project period presented from the aspects of the individual contribution of each Consortium representative. Overall project management, quality control, dissemination and sustainability and administrative topics will also be discussed in details. There will also be presented plan for future project period with specific tasks and responsibilities. Within the meeting it is planned to disseminate other ongoing projects in the sense of inter-project coaching and know-how transfer. All Consortium partners are invited to participate the meeting.

Quality Control Steering Committee Meeting in Constanta

05 Sep 2016

Working Meeting of the Quality Control Steering Committee was organized on the premises of Constanta Maritime University in Constanta (Romania) aiming to discuss and present all achieved activities from the quality control aspects. Besides regular QC activities main meeting topics were focused on the realized tasks and obtained outcomes. Extension of the project, management and financial questions were presented by the Project Coordinator and Administrator. Participants also considered working plan for 2017 and proposals for next implementation period. All consortium partners participated in the meeting. Working Meeting - Summary and results of the MArED project for Albanian partners

Coordination Meeting in Split

25 Apr 2016

All consortium partners participated in the meeting.Coordination Meeting in Split was organized by the Faculty of Maritime Studies from Split for the purposes of the review of implemented activities regarding Workpackage 4, 7 and 9. Host representatives and Coordinator and Administrator presented finished activities, quality related issues and plans and administrative and management schedule and tasks with special attention on the extension of the project lifetime.

Working Meeting 8

12 Apr 2016

Working Meeting 8 was organized on the premises of Coordinator at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor aiming to discuss all the finished tasks dealing with development activities and quality of achieved results with the industrial parnter institutions from Montenegro. Coordinator and Administrator of the Project on behalf of the Host institution presented current situation and future plans. Second part of the meeting was anticipated for the quality, sustainability and management issues.

Management Meeting 10

01 Mar 2016

All consortium partners were participated.Working Meeting 10 was organized in Portoroz by the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport for the purposes of the implementation of WP4. Host and Lead partner ULFPP presented finished activities and future plans in order to implement this workpackage successfully. Second part of the meeting was anticipated for the administrative and management topics.